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  • Where is the links for DUMPS

    Can't find the links for EEPROM DUMPS of various tv sets..

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  • Samsung HG48ED690DB eeprom - I need an eeprom dump for this tv

    I solved the bootloop problem without the new eeprom dupm, but I made the mistake of trying dumps from the other TVs and I was left SPI or Nand flash with another model settings and that's why HDMI 3 doesn't work because eeprom from the other TV has 4 HDMI ports! So if someone on this model happens...

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  • Sharp Valeo (20V-K80M) EEPROM Dump

    -> kasamiko upload memory dumps here, please:

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  • ELTRA RPC 6006, eeprom 24c02.

    HI! Помогl... рабочl... дампоl... с извесm... кодом на эту магниm...

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  • Looking for Gigaset 3015, 3010 and 4015 base schematic CLIP!

    Nice post , thanks. Maby hope you in this week . Best regards , Waldek. If I know more I will post it here. This forum has been very helpfull in finding EEPROM dumps and schematics. I only have not found any Basestation schematic :cry: Maybe you have a schematic of a gigaset Basestation :D Any...

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  • Radio skoda octavia-kod w eepromie czy MCU?

    first off you need to read eeprom this file can then be modified to allow you to get first 2 digits of code but if you can read Nec you will be able to get full code the only way I know after wrong attempts is to re-load original dump to get 2 more attempts I only do this as a hobby so I am not...

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  • Dell Inspiron 5150 U1223 battery

    Hi. I speak English quite. Do you want add to each section one cell parallel ? This will cause increase of battery capacity from 4300 ( i think it's really 4400 because each cell has 2200mAh capacity) to 6600mAh. Voltage will be also 14,8 but capacity 6600mAh. Dump file must be prepared to get 6600mAh,...

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  • Sharp 29LF92EC 11AK45 włącza się na chwilę.

    Three 11AK45 dumps :

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  • Witam poszukuje ustawien serwisowych do tv PROVISION L-2128

    Medion CTV-2137T chassis TV-2KR ( TDA9351PS/N3/2/1804 ) dump : Provision dumps :

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  • Martech Team Nowosci - aktualizacje i opisy

    RCD AMS - Printing options & ST92 models New functions in tool: - Ability to print information about the radio code and model details (print icon in right side of tool, below Clear Log icon) Default template document is stored in tool directory, it's "amsprintcodetemplate.rtf" You can...

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  • PHILIPS ANY Wsad pamięci M29W320DT


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  • Toshiba - 32AV555D wsad pamięci

    here are the dumps for TOSHIBA 32AV555D with main PE0630-V28A000822A1 and panel SHARP LK315T3LA31 eeprom IC152 24C16 spiflash IC150 AT25DF321 spiflash IC151 AT25DF321 (ALL FF)

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