vestel 17mb211

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  • Vestel 17MB211 dump needed

    Yeah I can see that but the board I have on this tv has a sat tuner, wifi support, there could be a different processor under that heatsink. It has a completely different model code 17mb211 vs 17mb110p, I thank you for your effort, sometimes you listen to your gut and now mine is telling me this is...

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  • [Sprzedam] Moduły z TELEFUNKEN D40F127R3C i TELEFUNKEN D32F294R4CW

    TELEFUNKEN D40F127R3C matryca VES400UNDS-2D-R06 Płyta głowna TELEFUNKEN D40F127R3C 10092726 23217207 387 40” 100zl Zasilacz 17IPS20 100,00 zł T-con – logika 14_GA_40FMB7S4LV0.2 matryca VES400UNDS-2D-R06 50,00 zł Podstawa do TELEFUNKEN D40F127R3C 50,00...

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