vestel 17mb211

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  • Vestel 17MB211 dump needed

    Yeah I can see that but the board I have on this tv has a sat tuner, wifi support, there could be a different processor under that heatsink. It has a completely different model code 17mb211 vs 17mb110p, I thank you for your effort, sometimes you listen to your gut and now mine is telling me this is...

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    Hello, I have a TV TELEFUNKEN TE32269B38Y2D with VESTEL 17MB211 and VES315WNDL-2D-N15 panel. The TV turns on, but the display shows some channels in contrast with double numbering (the one that appears after having done the channel search). It does not accept any command except the OK from the...

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  • JVC vestel plyta 17MB211 - Vestel plyta 17MB211 potrzebuje odwrócić obraz (flip)

    tam jest płyta 17MB120 na płycie vestel 17 MB 211 To jedyne symbole które wam sie udało odczytać bo największe a nie maja większego znaczenia, to tylko numer laminatu PCB...

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  • [Sprzedam] Moduły z TELEFUNKEN D40F127R3C i TELEFUNKEN D32F294R4CW

    TELEFUNKEN D40F127R3C matryca VES400UNDS-2D-R06 Płyta głowna TELEFUNKEN D40F127R3C 10092726 23217207 387 40” 100zl Zasilacz 17IPS20 100,00 zł T-con – logika 14_GA_40FMB7S4LV0.2 matryca VES400UNDS-2D-R06 50,00 zł Podstawa do TELEFUNKEN D40F127R3C 50,00...

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